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US$ 20
Blue as a well
Original price: CZK 449
Blue as a well

Pendant made of beautiful blue shiny disthen ...


The author‘s jewel. Luxury glass - imports from America, sleněné stones, the circle - a surgical wire anti-allergy. ...

US$ 83
My kitties
Original price: CZK 1,790
My kitties

Copyright the formation of the collection, My cats.‘ Dimensions: 23x11cm Material: stained glass glass Spectrum hammered copper wire, tin, patina. ...

A necklace of moss agate

Pendant made from a beautiful, moss agate ...

US$ 22
Monthly shimmer
Original price: CZK 490
Monthly shimmer

Pendant made of opalitu and šedomodrého mirror glass ...

US$ 17
Original price: CZK 368

Pendant made of drůzky pyrite ...

Necklace made of jasper

Pendant made of jasper ...

Angelfish gold I wish.....

Pendant made of crystal with inclusions - lodolitu ...

A citrine necklace

Pendant made of citrine ...

Chandelier AGALAIA

Agalaia - Greek - name meaning beautiful‘. The author‘s work, I hope that reaches the meaning of his name. A chandelier I made by from the luxury of the material - glass KOKOMO - green yellow brindle, glass SPECTRUM - yellow brindle and transparent, matte ...

Cat No. 2

Copyright the formation of the collection,My cats.‘ Dimension: 11x5cm, leather collar black, length 46cm ...

Mossy agate with labradorite brushing

Pendant made from a beautiful kabošonu moss agate and labradorite. ...

US$ 20
Jasper image
Original price: CZK 451
Jasper image

Pendant made from a beautiful kabošonu picture jasper ...


Přívěsek z křišťálu ...

The evening breeze

Pendant made from a beautiful kabošonu smoky quartz ...

US$ 16
Pendant with a flower
Original price: CZK 358
Pendant with a flower

Pendant made of fusing glass from my workshop. ...

US$ 20
Two citrines
Original price: CZK 449
Two citrines

Pendant made of two citrines ...

US$ 18
Heart with pink quartz
Original price: CZK 408
Heart with pink quartz

Pendant made of rose quartz ...

US$ 20
Early evening
Original price: CZK 444
Early evening

Pendant made of moonstone and opal glass ...


MV studio - art and glass studio in Prostejov and Brno. One-day intensive course cínovaného anklet. Term - Kaliningrad: Saturday 6.June 2020 and onwards 13.6, 20.6., 27.6., 4.5., 11.7., 25.7., 1.8., 8.8., 15.8., 22.8., 29.8., 5.9., 12.9., 19.9., 26.9., 3. ...

US$ 39
Cat harmony
Original price: CZK 844
Cat harmony

Author‘s work from the collection ,, My cats. Maybe it will remind you of your cats. Luxury material, imported from the USA, Germany. ...

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