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Levné obruby na brýle a nebo obroučky jako módní doplněk

household salt

Salt shaker and pepper shaker in a rack of wine bottles SPEZIA

I was 80 years with the best wines and now Will serve as the original salt shaker and pepper shaker. As is our custom, I made from materials friendly to nature, specifically from used wine bottles. Plus, I‘m endowed with unique design and each of us is an ...

HandMade by RESPIRO

An hour of gramophone records KLOX Bikes for Africa

Only in RESPIRu arise from the records of the real collectors ‘ pieces. Just with RESPIRO. ...

HandMade by RESPIRO

Clock from the KLOX Beauty recorder

Only in RESPIR are the real collector‘s pieces created from gramophone records. Only with RESPIRO. ...

HandMade by RESPIRO