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Kurz tiffany vitraz

US$ 106.26
Photo Frame Well.1 · photo frames, decoration, decoration of glass
Original price: CZK 2,263.01
Photo Frame Well.1

The author's work. Luxury vitrážový photo frame. Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm This is already sold. I Will make a similar. Can be other dimensions. ...

US$ 119.55
Angel Well.3 · decoration, decoration of glass, angels
Original price: CZK 2,546.00
Angel Well.3

The author's work. Another piece from the winter collection,Angels." Wonderful material, delicate colors and copper hammered wire evoke a dreamy atmosphere and complement the overall expression of the angel. ...

US$ 1,327.87
Champagne Well.2 · tiffany l
Original price: CZK 28,277.00
Champagne Well.2

Author lamp, handmade. A wonderful material. Opal glass semitransparent and structured glass. Color: champagne, mother of pearl, and transparent with the surface structure, dark patina. Leg of special alloys, the color of bronze. ...

US$ 577.13
Chandelier AGALAIA · tiffany chandeliers, chandeliers, chandelier
Original price: CZK 12,290.00
Chandelier AGALAIA

Agalaia - Greek - name meaning beautiful". The author's work, I hope that reaches the meaning of his name. A chandelier I made by from the luxury of the material - glass KOKOMO - green yellow brindle, glass SPECTRUM - yellow brindle and transparent, matte ...

US$ 88.51
Spring fialinka · decoration of glass, tiffany pictures, decoration
Original price: CZK 1,885.01
Spring fialinka

The author's work. The first spring violet. Comes from the collection,Spring and nature." Dimensions: 23cm x 30cm ...

US$ 577.13
Table lamp Virginia · decoration, tiffany l, decoration of glass
Original price: CZK 12,290.00
Table lamp Virginia

Author lamp, ruční production. A wonderful material. Opálová glass polotransparentní and strukturovaná glass. barva champagne, mother of pearl, delicate green žíhaná with surface strukturou, and glass Kokomo transparent with surface strukturou. Foot that ...

Candle holder Lotus flower

Original interior add. Luxury opal glass consists of a candlestick of a lotus flower. After inserting the candles with the whole work light up and creates a bright glare of light on the table and the wall. Dimensions: 20 x 10cm ...

US$ 48.55
Heart Well.1 · decoration of glass, cínovaný jewelry, decoration
Original price: CZK 1,034.00
Heart Well.1

Jewelry - heart - with this gift you say everything. Copyright creation - a romantic gift to his girlfriend for the holiday of lovers - Valentine's day a Wonderful material. Glass Spectrum, dimension: 4 x 6.5 cm. the patina is dark, the leather lanyard ro ...

US$ 266.20
OUT OF LOVE · decoration of glass, tiffany l, decoration
Original price: CZK 5,669.01

Author lamp, ruční production of kolekce the year 2016. A wonderful material. Opálová glass polotransparentní and strukturovaná glass. Imports of the united states. Barva lososová, žíhaná, fine bílolososová, žíhaná with surface strukturou, and glass Kokom ...

US$ 40.04
Angel 1 · decoration, angels, decoration of glass
Original price: CZK 853.00
Angel 1

Dimensions: 11 x 9 cm. ...

US$ 84.05
My kitties · cats, decoration of glass, decoration
Original price: CZK 1,790.00
My kitties

Copyright the formation of the collection, My cats." Dimensions: 23x11cm Material: stained glass glass Spectrum hammered copper wire, tin, patina. ...

US$ 92.97
Cat harmony · statues, cats, statue
Original price: CZK 1,980.00
Cat harmony

Author's work from the collection ,, My cats. Maybe it will remind you of your cats. Luxury material, imported from the USA, Germany. ...

US$ 93.40
A Lady Well.2 · decoration of glass, decoration, stained glass
Original price: CZK 1,989.00
A Lady Well.2

Copyright creation. Work from the collection , Art and life." The sophisticated lady with the red hair. Material: glass transparent, patterned, sandblasted and glass candy, transparent. A dark patina. ...

US$ 8.77
Chick · decoration, stained glass, decoration of glass
Original price: CZK 187.05

A stained-glass window made by the Tiffany technique ...

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