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IDOO Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Automatic Timer Germination Kit, Height Adjustable (7 Pods) (White)

* * Hydroponic Circulation System: This indoor garden germination kit is designed with a water circulation system, increasing the oxygen in water. Plants growing in the nutrient water faster than soil. You have total control over the weather all yea ...

Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Smart Garden Planter for Home Kitchen, Automatic Timer Germination Kit, Height Adjustable (7 Pods)

iDOO Indoor Hydroponic Gardening, an ingenious way to grow your own food requires zero soil Having a year-round herb garden in your home for cooking and making fun cocktails Self-watering planter with a built-in grow light, watching your specimens grow fr ...

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart (Pack of 3)

Size: FLORAGRO: Stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. FLORABLOOM: Stimulates flower and fruit development. Enhances flavor, aroma, and essential oils. Provides high Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur FLORAMICR ...

IDOO 20Pods Indoor Herb Garden, Grow Light with 4 Removable Water Tank, Free Timing Setting, 26.77in Adjustable Height

* * Hydroponics Growing System: Veggies grow in water, supported by degradable sponges, lighted by 34-Watt LED lights. Have your own indoor garden. No mess, No limitation * Hight-up to 26.77 Inches Garden: Perfect for tall veggies such as tomat ...

AZ FLAG Anarcho-Capitalism Flag 18'' x 12'' Cords - Anarchist Capitalist - Anarchism Small Flags 30 x 45cm - Banner 18x12 in

18'' x 12'' anarchist capitalist flags - This Flag of Anarcho-capitalism is made of high quality polyester and has 2 cords for hanging. It has reforced and sewn edges for a better resistance. This product is an original product of the ...

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Configuration: The AeroGarden Harvest is a simple, beautifully designed garden, versatile enough to fit almost anywhere, but perfect for the best room in the house your kitchen. The Harvest is a perfect gift for almost any occasion. Great for gift ...

Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System - Indoor Herb Garden, Kitchen Smart Garden Planter, LED Grow Light with Plant Germination Kits(12 pods, White)

* * Food Grade ABS: Tested and certified by Roahs, TUV, Reach, PPF and CE, our hydroponic gardening system is made of food grade ABS which is safe, non-toxic and no-odor, making the veggies or herbs are grown in a healthy and safe enviroment. Enjoy ...