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Stained glass # Bronz

US$ 355
Table lamp poppies

Original price: CZK 8,579.54
table lamp poppies

Author lamp, handmade. A wonderful material. Opal glass semitransparent and structured glass. Reddish orange coloured, green brindle with a surface structure, žlutobéžová transparent and transparent. Leg o

glass → tiffany, stained glass, ...
US$ 307
Tiffany chandelier FAN

Original price: CZK 7,434.00
Tiffany chandelier FAN

Wonderful romantic chandelier. Delicate sandblasted glass with pink and white glass Opal, creates together with a romantic pattern , beautiful chandelier. Fits into room, the bedroom, but oddly enough it i

home → light and lamps, ...
US$ 568
Tiffany lamp RONDELL

Original price: CZK 13,735.05
Tiffany lamp RONDELL

This lamp features a novel design of the stained glass lighting fixtures. The original concept of the hat, which is carried out from the luxury glass (imported mainly from America), together creating a rom

home → light and lamps, ...
US$ 216
Tiffany lamp DAWN

Original price: CZK 5,239.50
Tiffany lamp DAWN

It's no longer dark, but dawn is only just beginning. This lamp fits even into the men's room, but certainly in the modern apartment. Imagination is of course no limits. Material : opal glass, black, trans

home → light and lamps, ...

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